– Finding the way or creating a new one!

From our experience facing challenges with and for organizations worldwide, we become experts in achieving Business Results and delivering Value.

Now, taking advantage of that experience and expertise, we become Consultants and Advisors to companies, from startups to consolidated ones, helping them to level up their business.

We deliver Results based on objective assements and analysis, supported by strong business expertise, tested on the field, hence our motto:

– We will find the way, or create a new one!


An interrogative and relentless approach
Building practical solutions: to be the market reference
Generate better results for our clients and partners.


Action-oriented to Inspire every client
Making clients better, bigger and more successful
Create change, build to last


Our Passion: for Results!
We have Authenticity: no Excuses!
We look for High Performance: Clients first!


With more than 25 years of experience in several areas of business, mainly in the private sector, Luis has extensive experience with Industry, IT, Construction, Health Care and Consulting.

Spent many years working internationally, in the EMEA region, for and with some of the biggest market players in the region and the world.

With more than 20 years of experience in several areas of business, in the private and public sector, Fatima has extensive experience with services companies, including Hospitality, Training, Logistics Operations and Consulting as well.

She focuses nowadays in the Luxury and Hospitality industry, where she has extensive expertise.

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