About us

For more than 25 years, we have been working both sides of the fence. Starting off in corporate consulting and them moving to different business roles from development to managerial and operational in a range of industries both national and international where we confronted and overcame different challenges of both complexity and size.
This gave us the experience and insight to understand both sides, how consultancy delivers results and the daily challenges facing organisations including resource scarcity and uncertainty.
It’s this vast hands-on experience that enables us to generate an impactful market presence, to face today’s challenges that require action and adaptability to take advantage of the turbulent world we live in. Therefore,  it is essential for businesses to have access to what we have to offer, to accelerate the process of business evolution.

The Dragonfly: our Brand logo

The inspiration for our brand logo stems from the strength, agility and efficiency found in the dragonfly, one of nature’s small wonders that has the capacity to endure and prosper like no other.
Dragonflies are powerful and agile fliers, capable of migrating across the sea, moving in any direction, and changing direction suddenly. In flight, the adult dragonfly can propel itself in six directions: upward, downward, forward, backward, to left and to right.
Adult dragonflies hunt on the wing using their exceptionally acute eyesight and strong, agile flight. Dragonflies are also some of the insect world’s most efficient hunters, catching up to 95% of the prey they pursue.
They are also a symbol for change, transformation, adaptability, maturity, success and balance.

The Founding team

With more than 25 years of experience in several areas of business, mainly in the private sector, Luis has extensive experience with Industry, IT, Construction, Health Care and Consulting.

Spent many years working internationally, in the EMEA region, for and with some of the biggest market players in the region and the world.


With more than 25 years of experience in several areas of business, in the private and public sector, Fatima has extensive experience with services companies, including Hospitality, Luxury, Training, Logistics Operations and Consulting as well.

Members of: