Already talked about Marketing and the importance of being Digital, a must for every business in today’s reality.

Today I’m talking about Sales and how actuality significantly transformed the sales environment and the how-to relate to today’s clients.

I keep on seeing, reading and listening about things like “rapport”, building relations with clients, the need for efficient presentations, how to go through the client’s assistant, elevators pitches, and a couple more similar nonsense, from the time when salespeople walked the streets selling encyclopedias.

Today no one has time to lose! Salespeople present themselves to the client and the first thing they do is to start talking.

Talking about Me, the Company, what we Have, what we Do, the Excellency of one’s proposals.

Today’s clients already know all about it, eventually even better than the salesperson. They read all about it on the Web. On your site and in your competition sites.

What Clients need today is someone that:
– Understand their Business reality;
– Know what’s the Problems that each company faces and that need to be properly solved;
– Can understand the Implications of not sorting out those problems and;
– Help to satisfy the Need that is identified.

Someone that can satisfy their need to be always on the front line of Results.

They need an Advisor, a Consultant, not a Salesperson.

Don’t worry, they also know that, at the end of the day, you are selling your Product or Service, not the competition.

Who is the most effective in this role is the one that will get the account, not the one with the best “rapport”. This will come later, with the problem solved and with everything running as agreed.

Efficiency, Focus, Results. This’ what today’s clients want from Sales People.

Want to know how? Ask me and I’ll be happy to show you.

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