I Recommend

Working with LFAmaro in the reformulation and reorganization on my jobs’ practices allowed me to define concrete objectives and which course of action to take in order to accomplish them.
Not only that but it allowed me to learn of methods and procedures of monitoring the business’ evolution and becoming conscious of being dynamic to adapt to any challenges that might come up.
– Thank you!
Valentina Barra – Passeios Ilimitados CEO

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In the capital city of an African country, there’s a small business complex that was all reviewed, from the feasibility to investments to the market approach, including marketing communication, to secure a sustainable Return on Investment.

With 14 years of existence On Call 24 needed to evaluate the company performance, client base, products, and services, to develop and increase their market share.
We did a refreshing approach to the internal processes and a new go-to-market for their product and services, redefining the company strategy for consistency, robustness, and sales growth.

Market analysis to identify the real estate Blue Ocean, with the supporting feasibility analysis and a new approach to market to increase results.

The Real Estate business looked at as Service, Product, and Investment.

After securing an international partnership with one of the top lift companies in the world, Genesis asked us to help them develop a Go to Market Plan for the Iberian Penisula, to market their new line of products and components.

Through an American partner, we develop a strategic sales plan, including a new Client Value Proposition for LATAM and EMEA, to support the expansion objectives of Unitech.

A new travel company, operating in a very competitive market. After a market analysis and a client study, looking for Client’s “whys” to travel, a new offer was designed and put to the market, bringing traction to an otherwise struggling business.

I Recommend

LFAmaro helped me to increase my sales and to take advantage of new opportunities in the market, showing me that it is the clients that buy the product or service according to their needs and not us that are selling them what we want.
Jorge Sebastiani – OBDPro CEO 

A touristic experiences company, founded by a foreigner for foreigners. As soon as the business start to grow was necessary to plan, organize and align growing strategies and level of services to keep the company on track without losing the quality of service answering to client’s expectations. The challenge was the different cultures, between the founder and the locals.

A 3-year-old startup, in need of support to set a Lean organization to increase revenue, control the costs, train and retain technical staff and grow market penetration.

After the project, it’s growing steady at a 2 digit rate, already considering an expansion to the north of the country.

Feasibility study for a sustainability project supported by an APP intended to become the communication channel to promote environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility and ecological actions aiming the reduction of human impact over the planet.

The analysis results in a proposed business approach slightly different from the original idea, giving sustainability to the business and the APP suporting strucutre.

A good idea needing management experience and knowledge. We answer to the founder needs and also give some inputs to increase results.

DK – Defend Knowledge was a small tutoring center, with time and space availability during several hours of the day and in the weekends. We looked for alternative but related products to fill in the agenda and increase the revenue stream.

A partner without this in-house expertise and experience challenged us to audit the compliance of a factory’s ERP against the new production processes, internal and external technological demands and new business rules, without compromising the new processes in place.

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