2019, November
– We do what we say: – We find the way!
The Web Summit looks like a massive and chaotic event, difficult to manage and with very few opportunities for a Consulting Firm looking to gain visibility and traction, where all the big players are already present and with high visibility.

Well, looking carefully, we found an opportunity in a side event where several companies and projects where looking for partnerships, counselling, ways of entering in new markets and support to reduce the efforts and costs of this objectives.

Result: We come out with requests for proposals, win/win business partnership opportunities and investment support requests. And it all happened during an afternoon, in a quiet and controlled environment, if compared with the main event. We will be there again next year!

2018, May
Being invited to be part of an event as an internationalization expert, to deliver to the participants a presentation about International Markets, its challenges and opportunities and to explaining what’s the right mindset one should nurture to be successful facing such endeveours, its always a honour but also a huge responsability.

The approach: Sharing with the participants, from all over the world, the experience aquired during our own professional career managing different cultures and projects with legal and operational frameworks spanning several countries. Not just presenting cases, but also sharing stories and being open to questions and specific clarification requests.

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