– Having business ideas is great! Put them to action is a different story …

We have been helping companies moving from inception to action, creating the future they envision for themselves, the community, and society at large.
Not always easy, but always rewarding when –  together, we find the way

Our boldest project

A group of companies is developing a project for senior residences consisting of six fully equipped units located in four Portuguese regions, including health care support, using a Build to Rent approach.

This project is to be funded by foreigner venture capital due to its complexity, investment value and risk management requirements.

Our biggest project

We were invited to develop a strategic sales plan including a sales management process for Unitech as the company intended to expand its presence in the LATAM, EMEA, and European markets.

Through our product and competitor analysis, we very quickly understood that the product had a very strong Value Proposition that was not being optimized.

Based on this finding, the expansion plan was raised to a completely new level and the potential success grew exponentially.

Our solidarity project

Ekanda’s a nonprofit NGO with a focus on the prevention of Autism and support to autistic children’s families. Starting their work and activities in Africa, they are now looking to expand to Europe.

Being a nonprofit organization, the challenges have a different scope, a different approach, and a completely different way to look at funding, building awareness, and communication to be effective and sustainable.

We had the pleasure of being involved with the strategy, planning activities design, as well as with funding requirements and patrons communication.

Our smallest project

A good idea needing some management experience and knowledge.

We responded to the owner’s needs giving training and mentoring sessions and advise when required to increase results.


Working with LFAmaro in the reformulation and reorganization of my jobs’ practices allowed me to define concrete objectives and which course of action to take in order to accomplish them.
Not only that but it allowed me to learn of methods and procedures of monitoring the business’ evolution and becoming conscious of being dynamic to adapt to any challenges that might come up.
– Thank you!

Valentina Barra
Passeios Ilimitados CEO

LFAmaro helped me to increase my sales and to take advantage of new opportunities in the market, showing me that it is the clients that buy the product or service according to their needs and not us that are selling them what we want.

Jorge Sebastiani

Other Projects

GO WORK is one of RUMOS Group of companies, facing the challenge of helping the group management to decide what to do with some office space eventually available due to COVID 19 impact in the workforce.

With many employees now working from home or with flexible working hours, what will become of the remaining space and equipments left unoccupied and unused by them? 

An African-based business invited us to review their organization activities, from restaurant to hairdresser, to understand how and if a significant investment to improve the businesses will make sense in what time frame.

We start with a feasibility and competition study for the market, to build a marketing strategy to ensure a sustainable ROI.

We did a market analysis to identify the real estate Blue Ocean, with the supporting feasibility analysis and a new approach to the market to increase results.

The Real Estate business for this particular project was looked at as Service, Product, Industry, and Investment since the client have a national and foreigner client base.

A partner who did not have the in-house expertise and experience engaged us to audit their client’s factory ERP compliance against new production processes, internal and external technology requirements, and new business regulations, without compromising the ongoing production.

After the analysis results were presented to the board, we engage the market with an RFI to identify a new IT provider.

A well-established company of 12 years, faced significant growth without reviewing their administrative structure to be in a position to support and manage the operational needs.

  We were called in to evaluate and organize the management and administrative structure without increasing the costs more than necessary. We analysed, reviewed and proposed a clean and lean operation with little reorganisation of the internal structure, reviewing the existing CRM, product and service offering, while at the same time supporting current and future growth in a challenging and demanding market.

After securing an international partnership with one of the top lift companies in the world, Genesis asked us to help them develop a Go to Market Plan for the Iberian Penisula, to market their new line of products and components.

The approach included a return on investment analysis and client segmentation to increase and sustain revenue.

A new travel company, operating in a very competitive market.

After a market analysis and a client study, looking for the Client’s “whys” to travel, a new offer was designed and put to the market, bringing traction to an otherwise struggling business.

With 14 years of experience, On Call 24 needed to evaluate the company performance, client base, products, and services, to develop and increase their market share.
We took a different approach to the internal processes and designed a new go-to-market for their products and services, redefining the company strategy for consistency, robustness, and sales growth.

A 3-year old start-up in need of support to create a lean organization to increase revenue, control costs, train and retain technical staff and grow market penetration.

At the end of the project, they achieved a steady double-digit growth which enabled them to explore the options of expanding their operations to the north of the country.

A tourism experience company founded by a foreigner for foreigners.  As soon as the business started to grow it was necessary to plan, organize and align growth strategies and the range of services to keep the company on track but without compromising quality in line with the client’s expectations.  Among other challenges was managing the cultural differences between the founder and the locals.

A online pet shop startup with a niche food and grooming products offer need to understand and measure the risks, costs and expected profits of online shopping and client’s logistics delivery.

Clearly a project from inception to action, in need of feasibility and market analysis, business plan, P&L projections, risk analysis, logistics and distribution framework.