Our Services

Our consulting service offering is designed to solve our client’s challenges and create opportunities by bringing a hands-on experience in an extensive range of areas such as – Strategy, Management, Logistics, Processes, Technology solutions, Digital transformation, Change management and Sales & marketing.

No department is an island, improvements in one area have repercussions throughout the whole organisation, either directly or indirectly. That’s why we always look at the big picture, delivering transformation that is sustainable and has commitment throughout the whole organisation.

Consulting services

Investment funds

We established an exclusive partnership for Portugal with an investment fund and project financing company based in London with a presence in more than 50 countries. This allows us to have a comprehensive and competitive capital offer to support our client’s growth strategies, from the feasibility and business plan analysis, due diligence, execution, and exit planning.

Business strategy

Don’t settle, improve.  How do you plan ahead in times of uncertainty?  Leverage this uncertainty to your advantage.

Design, plan and execute using a flexible approach ensuring that all the stakeholders are involved in the process from top-down to bottom-up.  We are here to help you up your game while scaling up your business.

Sales & Marketing

Salespeople don’t sell, buyers buy.  The best products in the world can be a flop if the consumers don’t see a need or intrinsic value, there are countless examples around.  Marketing and Sales are difficult, it’s all about the client, the other side of the equation.  The answer lies somewhere between perception and reality and how they relate to each other.  We are here to help you get real, to design a client-centred organisation, after all no customers means no results.

Operations & Processes

Operations and processes are usually related to complex environments, like industry shop floors, supply chains and logistics, but they exist everywhere, in each department and, more importantly, between departments, where the flow of data, materials and  information need to run smoothly and consistently. Without them, no strategy or vision can be cost-effective and efficient. We have extensive experience in evaluating, planning and implementing these critical success factors for a range of industries.

Technology solutions

No company can survive today without technology however throwing technology at a problem doesn’t solve it either. Sometimes, we are just adding to the problem, not the solution. Technology is a necessary tool to get the job done, provided it is the right one to start with. From complex ERP systems, to supply-chain and logistics solutions, CRM and integrated reporting tools to support better decision making, we have experience in all aspects of technological solutions in the corporate world.